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Colorful Hotel

Address: Danxia Avenue Linze. 18 kilometers from Danxia Geopark
Tel: 0936-5957888
 Linze Colorful Hotel is located about 18 km north of the Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park. The west of the Liusha River scenic spot is accompanied by five lakes. The hotel hosts the theme of colorful Danxia, demonstrating the grand appearance of Danxia in a modern and simple style. The hotel features more than 300 sets of special guest rooms, 2 Chinese cuisine and hot pot boxes, complete room facilities, elegant restaurant environment and car Charging equipment and RV camp. The hotel is also equipped with a large multi-purpose hall, VIP reception room, conference room, KTV, foot bath, is a star hotel that can provide leisure vacation, accommodation, catering, conference, entertainment, shopping, parking.
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