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Jiaohe Hotel

Address:No.9 Jiaohe Road,Turpan,Xinjiang,China
Jiaohe Hotel: only a decoration for senior medieval castle hotel, far look at the architectural style of ancient Chinese Han and Tang Dynasties Castle, A Closer Look luxury hotel it is a modern full of flavor, this manor that city rural "," city within a city "and close to the ancient city of Jiaohe geopolitical Jiaohe cultural background, it is the title to the" Jiaohe manor ". Turpan Jiaohe Manor Hotel has rooms 125, the maximum passenger capacity of 250 people, has a small meeting room and a multi-functional conference hall, elegantly decorated Chinese restaurant can accommodate 100 dining can enjoy the rich Western ethnic dance. And Western restaurant dining for 100 people, both antique charm another modern Western atmosphere. Ancient and modern combine culture, embodies this ancient supplemented to this in the west, supplemented style. Turpan Jiaohe Manor in Turpan Hotel, hotel, Hotel industry unique, thriving, Turpan tourism market will enhance its unique charm to attract tourists, dedicated service Christine Hou tourists brilliant smile of joy greet!
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