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Jindu Hotel

Address:No.19 Dongdajie,Zhangye,Gansu,China
Jindu Hotel:is located in the city of the "Silk Road" of Zhangye urban center, the Bell and Drum Tower, 50 meters to the east, downtown location, convenient transportation, the national two-star hotels for foreign sub VIP Building and the North Building. Construction area of 10,000 square meters, Room 135, 253 beds, with different levels of rooms for the guests you choice, the charges are reasonable, affordable, is the ideal hotel for the majority of guests staying; 60 parking spaces, intelligent electronic monitoring system of underground and outdoor parking for each guest to provide quality services. Hotel is set at the three-star standard, stylishly decorated, luxurious facilities, the rooms reflect the personalized service, equipped with air conditioning, large color TV, telephone, refrigerator, luxurious furniture, Internet access, free local call free breakfast; bathroom has a shower room, The supply of hot water throughout the day.
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