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Feitian Hotel

Address:No.211 Xinnan Road,Ganzhou District,Zhangye,Gansu,China
Feitian Hotel:Zhangye flying business hotel located in the downtown of Zhangye City Street South 211, accessibility, location, and the fame of the large Buddhist temple all the way across. The Flying Hotel main building the thirteen and construction standards for four-star.All rooms are luxuriously decorated, comfortable and elegant to Feitian murals theme, artistic atmosphere, the rooms have luxury suites and deluxe standard room, computer, air conditioning, TV, bathroom and other facilities in the room throughout the day twenty-fourhour supply of hot water, and provide free telephone, broadband network service, rooms of different specifications for the majority of the guests choice, the charges are reasonable and affordable; Chair of the hotel's restaurant, Guangdong chefs, serving Cantonese cuisine and delicious seafood. Luxuriously decorated MP4 entertainment hall equipped KTV rooms, the use of state-of-the-art equipment VOD, to provide you with convenient recreation; public places, parking lot equipped with intelligent electronic monitoring equipment, to provide security guarantees for guest accommodation, parking; Business the center can handle your print, copy, fax business, to meet the needs of business travelers better tomorrow. Hotel to the comfortable accommodation and first-class service to win the trust of the majority of the guests, Xiaoying Octagon guests to Zhangye travel on business, visiting friends and relatives, staying Flying Business Hotel is your ideal choice. The Flying Hotel staff warmly welcome you to visit!I wish you a pleasant journey.
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