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Dong Shan Hotel

Address:Longmen Dongshan,Luoyang,Henan,China
Dong Shan Hotel:is the first five-star luxury hotel in Luoyang City, which is one of the China Famous Hotels Corporation. It located in the area of Long men Grottoes which is the World Culture Heritage and the resort in Luoyang. The hotel covers about 3,333,300 square meters as known throughout the region for its garden-style and the imitation of Song Dynasty architecture. It enjoys one of the most beautiful views in this area; the hotel situated on the bank of Yi River and looks directly to the Long men Grottoes. It is also famous for its elegant environment, fresh air and amazing landscape, moreover, the gracious services.
There are four characteristic villas around the hill and the hotel also have several suites, Executive Floor rooms, luxury guestrooms, all together up to 105 rooms. Large-scale banquet hall, Chinese and western style restaurant, bars and Liquor corridor will suit for the needs of different guests. Fully-equipped with wireless broadband computer terminals, our Business Centre features a comfortable reading area, as well as translation, and interpretation services. The high tech international conference centre is another important part of the business centre. The hotel offers a equipped leisure centre including Gym, Snooker room, poker and chess room, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, indoor table tennis room, KTV rooms and tennis courts, what’s more, 24 hours spring water available for the guests.
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