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Ronghua hotel

Address:No.1 Ronghua Road,Wuwei,Gansu,China
Ronghua hotel:is an international star luxury resort hotel, located in the historical and cultural city in China Wuwei (ancient liangzhou), under the Gansu Ronghua Enterprise Group Enterprise Group in November 2000 by eight ministries and commissions of the State Ministry of Agriculture to determineThe industrialization of agriculture one of the 151 key state enterprises. Location, away from the train station, the bus station is just 8-minute drive away. Wing of the hotel has a presidential suite, luxury suites, standard rooms, couple rooms, different grades, all kinds of different types of rooms over 200 rooms (suites). Equipped with Continental sofa surfing tub, big screen TV, air conditioning, vertical water dispenser, international and domestic direct dial telephone and other facilities, the second floor has a multi-functional banquet hall accommodate 500 people dining or meeting, Chinese and Western restaurants, bowling alley, beauty gym, bars and karaoke OK, dance hall facilities, an accommodation, catering, entertainment, business, as an integrated tourist hotels, the more your sightseeing, business meetings, entertainment and leisure ideal land.
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