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Shanghai Greenland Jiulong Hotel

Address:601 Liyang Road Shanghai
Shanghai Greenland Jiulong Hotel :The Shanghai Greenland Jiulong Hotel is a luxury four-star hotel located in the international shipping centre of Shanghai North the Bund managed by Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Co., Ltd. It is nearby The 1933 Old Millfun which only one kilometer away from International Passenger Transport Center and nearby Xinjian Road tunnel which can quickly go to LuJiaZui Business District, and 10 minutes walk to Metro Line 4 and Line 10. The superexcellent position will offer you a new lifestyle with business, cultural, entertainment and creation.
The building of Shanghai Jiulong Hotel is 25 floors with many kinds of 320 deluxe rooms, including newly fitting up Executive Business Rooms on 23-25 floors with exquisite and comfortable design style, combining with reminiscent cultural and modern aesthetic culture skillfully and making you feel valued. The hotel has 7 multiple luxury small and large scales meeting rooms and multi-function rooms Which can respectively accommodate 40-300 persons. And nearly 200 seats in the different styles of Chinese and Western restaurants, top grade clubbing, and bars. Luxury and comfortable service environment and delicious Jinjiang Shanghainess and Cantonese food will respectfully present “Shanghai style” cultural and amorous feelings
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