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Holiday Inn Express Chengdu

Address:No.5, The 1st Western Section of 2nd Ring Road,Chengdu,China
Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Wuhou managed by InterContinental Hotels Group which is the famous brand of the world. The hotel is located in Wuhuo district where is southwest of Chengdu City. It’s an area of culture and tradition.
Nearby attractions include Dufu’s cottage, Wangjiang Park and Jinli. Also, our hotel is within walking distance to Sichuan University and the second large-Scale computer market of nations. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is only 18 KM away from the hotel and need 12 minutes travel by car to New International Convention & Exposition Centre.
Hotel has 269 high quality standard rooms with extreme sleep system and internet accessibility within the hotel. Experience our hotel’s signature TOTO shower head to help you loosen up after a long day of travel.
Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Wuhou is a prefect place whether for your business or pleasure, our friendly and proficient staff in takes pride in anticipating and satisfying your needs.
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