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Garden City Hotel Chengdu

Address:No.8 Daye Road ,Chengdu,China
Chengdu, the Capital of Sichuan Province and outside central city in Southwest China. Chengdu is one of the important industrial and agricultural bases in china. It is also centre of science, technology,commerce, trade and finance.
Located in the hub of Chengdu's Central Business District, the Garden City Hotel is ideally designed for corporate travelers, convention delegates and leisure travelers. The hotel is 20minutes drive from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, 5minutes walk to Tianfu Square and Chunxi Road.
All the hotel's 262 guestrooms are spacious and furnished to the international standard.The best of Sichuan food, being one of the major Chinese cuisine.It is being recognized for its delicate ways of cooking and distinctive taste.An Unique Singapore food, delectable result of its multicultural history. Its flavor has traveled over thousands of miles.The European flavors, remarkably varied delicacies with many regional differences based on the gastronomy of each region.The Emei, Leshan, Qingcheng, Populus, Green Bamboo, Gingko, Maple, Rosewood and Banyan meeting rooms,were built to cater for any type of meeting.
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