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Landmark Tower Hotel

Address:No.8 Northern Dongsanhuan,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China
Landmark Tower Hotel :has 466 comfortable rooms comprises of suites, deluxe room, superior room and standard room for selection.te hotel provide queen-size bed and double bed rooms to cater for business and tourist guest with a mixture of modern European type of rooms. Warm colour, flexible and lively space is suitable for convention guests.Uniform colour is the fundamental design to reduce the disorderly space feeling and up-keep the taste of room space.
Colour and deco create warm and superb business atmosphere to provide a relax working home environment. Despite your busyness, when you walk into the elaborate deco bath-tub soaking in water while listening to music and reading magazine is like relaxing and enjoying in a quality life-style.Colour and beautiful fabric, unique artwork deco, unique and elegant red wooden furniture allow you to savour and be satisfied. Room is equipped with LCD TV and ample international satellite TV channels cater to different languages program.Within hotel, there are many different types of restaurants and entertainment facility to cater for different type of needs.
New Chinese style design that retain China tradition and classic home furnishing highlight simple and yet modern style. Traditional red and yellow China culture reflect mixture of gold and festive feeling imply rich China story. The Suite room is equipped not only with free high speed broadband internet and series of travelling facility but also reception area for you and your guests to take a rest or nap. It is an ideal choice place for respectable life-style.
Landmark Apartment has 235 service apartments ranging from 8 different types of one-bedroom units to three-bedroom suites, are equipped with comprehensive household equipment such as kitchen appliances, cooking utensils and broadband internet. Our well-trained butlers provide professional service all day long and together with our hotel, conference center and office towers further maximize our service apartment function for long term stay guests to make them feel at home.
The Landmark Convention Centre comprised of a spectacular 800 square meters Vanda Grand Hall, a grand 1100 square meters Bauhinia Grand Hall as well as Plum Blossom Room, The Lotus Room etc., total twelve such lovely multifunction rooms. It is strategically and conveniently located, convenient transportation and a professional property management service; is the ideal choice office for many Multi-National Companies and Embassies.
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