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Tiantan hotel

Address:No.1 Tiyuguan Road,Chongwen District ,Beijing ,China
a new brand four-star hotel was reconstructed by the China Huayou Group Corporation in 2005 and opened on June 26. Tiantan Hotel located at Ti Yu Guan Road in downtown Beijing and convenient for business and leisure travelers. It is just minutes from some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions like the Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square. Only 40 minutes to Beijing Capital International Airport and 10 minutes to Beijing Railway Station.
Features 318 individually elaborated units divided into eleven categories to be able to satisfy the different needs for our guests. On the top floors can overlook the view of Temple of Heaven.
Guests at Tiantan Hotel are spoilt for choice with three tempting food and beverage outlets, ranging from Chinese restaurant to delicious international cuisine and relaxing bars.Tiantan Hotel is the supply for meeting of Office Directly under the CCCPC and State Organs of the CPC. For business or leisure, Tiantan Hotel provides the ideal venue for executive conferences, social events and private parties. For your every need, we can provide the smallest of groups to the largest banquets from 10 to 350 guests depending on seating style.
Modernization suites, personality services and Chinese culture are perfect for travelers or trader.
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