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16 Days Ancient Silk Road Travel from Beijing to Bishkek

Client Name:Ms De Groot
Itinerary:Beijing-Xian-Dunhuang-Turpan-Kashgar-Issykul Lake-Bishkek
Group Code:CITA-SR13
Hello Lesely

We are at the end of this part of the Silk Road trip. We will continue into Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and so on

I have filled out all the HOW DO YOU RATE YOUR TRIP Papers.
But here are some thoughts:
Organization: superb - everything was very well organized from the very start to the very end.

Guides: All good
the hardest working: the lady in Dunhuang. They were long days.
the most welcoming: the lady/ and her driver in Kyrgistan. They went the extra mile: stopping for local drink, taking us to local restaurants,  and more.

Hotels: All of good quality BUT we do not actually like large industrial scale hotels; so our favourites by far were the little ones: The small hotel in Turpan with very friendly staff and an outdoor courtyard restaurant. They Yurt and Homestay in Kyrgistan.
Sights: we saw lots and could not have asked for more.

Usually we travel by our selves: this time because of logistics I decided to use an agency. The trip was expensive but it was worth it for the organisation. However we were on a tight budget for anything extra. Guides and drivers found it hard to understand that we wanted to eat local cheap food: 10 dollars for 2 tops for either lunch or diner. Only in Kyrgistan did they take us to local cheap places. We also didn't want extra's as our budget didn't really allow us to. 
     Thank YOU for everything.
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