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Shanghai of China, a municipality directly under the Central Government, is one of the largest commercial cities and economic centre of China. It's a coastal opening city as well as a famous historic and cultural one. Situated 31.4 degrees north latitude and 121.29 degrees east longitude, Shanghai lies in the middle of China's mainland coastline, and Yangtze River's entrance to the sea. Covering an area of 6,341 square km. and with a population of more than 13.5 million, it is the largest city in China and one of the five super cities of the world. Shanghai is also one of ten world's largest seaports.

Shanghai City has an oceanic and monsoon climate in the subtropical zone. With an annual average temperature of 15.5 degrees Centigrade, and rainfall of 1,120 millimeters. Shanghai is neither cold in winter, nor very hot in summer. Its hand is fertile and crisscross with rivers and ports. The coastal area abounds in resources of fish and salt.

Shanghai is endowed with good geographical and natural conditions, and a long history of development. It has a Well-developed commodity economy and comparatively high scientific and technological level. As the biggest industrial centre in China, Shanghai ranks first in the value of its industrial production, as compared with other Chinese cities. Its main industry includes metallurgy, chemicals, petroleum, machinery, automobiles, electronics, shipbuilding, light industry, textiles, electrical appliances, and other industries, which hold an important position in Chins. Shanghai is the chief producer of industrial goods, and a major export base in China as well.

Shanghai is a modern city with lots of Shanghai Tourist Spots and modern famous well design commercial buildings and historical scenic spots.
The Shanghai PudongDevelopment Area in Shanghai is an important special economic zone in China. The level of the new area's industry, commerce, finance, trade, post and telecommunications stands at the forefront in China. More than 130 buildings there are higher than a hundred metres.

The Shanghai Puxi is the old area of the city and has plenty of shops and entertainment centers including cinemas, theatres and sport centers. It also developed areas for night life such as bar streets, coffer shops and KTV houses.

As the most prosperous business center in China, Shanghai leads all the others in both social commodity's total volume of retail sales and export value. In recent years, it has made rapid progress in finance and banking service, and stands only next to Beijing, as one of the main financial centres in China.

Shanghai is an important hub of communications. It has an easy access to the outside world by all means of transport: ocean, offshore and inland water shipping, high way and railroad transport, air flights etc. As the biggest seaport in China, the port of Shanghai has trade links with ports of over 100 countries and regions.

Efforts are being made to develop Shanghai into a modern international economic, financial and trade centre.
Rising and thriving on the basis of commerce, Shanghai has long been a very famous shopping city in China. Crowded with department stores, shopping malls, age-old stores, specialized shops, super-markets etc.. Vying with one another for excellence in the market performance, Shanghai is able to offer a dazzling and endless array of commodities made either in China or abroad. Complete collections of famous brands, and rich assortments of specialties and quality goods. Thanks to the highly developed commodity economy and Shanghainese particular attention to life tastes and material benefits, it has become a showcase for fashions and products of both domestic and international famous brands. And becomes a place of concentration of competitively priced quality goods for customers to compare and choose from.

Since the beginning of the Nineties, as most flourishing commercial centers in China, the famous streets like Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Sichuan North Road, Yuyuan Shopping City, Xujiahui etc. have undergone large scale renovation or reconstruction.

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