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The Introduction of Lijiang

The city has an 800 year history from as early as the late Song Dynasty. It is built where the Jade River divides into three and its streams form the canals and waterways which flow along the old town streets. Lijiang became known in the west through a book written by an American commissioner who traveled in and out of Yunnan province in late 19th century. Particularly after China started to admit foreign tourists in the 1980s, Lijiang began to attract visitors. To fulfill their needs, local people started restaurants and cafes. It was the earthquake in 1996 that brought Lijiang to the world's attention. Chinese people also long for the lifestyle and the excellent environment in Lijiang and started pour in. This started the new era of Lijiang.

There are many flights to Lijiang, mainly from Kunming, Chengdu and Chongqing, but also flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an and Guangzhou (which may or may not stop enroute at Kunming airport). The Kunming-Lijiang route has flights from early morning to late at night, at around US100 one way + 100 yuan tax. The flight is only 50 minutes. But the day or night train between Lijiang and Kunming is the cheapest and most environmentally-friendly way to arrive or depart Lijiang. The Lijiang airport will have international flights from mid-2011. The airport is 35 minutes from the city. You can take a taxi - 80-100 yuan - or outside the arrivals hall you will find the airport bus, which leaves regularly when full, for 15yuan,to the Blue Skies Hotel near the Guangfung hotel and 1km from the old town. A taxi to the old town will be 7-10yuan from the Blue Skies carpark. Buses to the airport leave about 100 minutes before flights, giving you enough time to check-in one hour before your flight.
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