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Aksu lies in the west part of Xinjiang, on the western brim of the Tarim Basin and the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountations,and borders Kyrgyzstan on the northwest. Aksu has an area of 132,000 square kilometers and the population of more than 1,800,000. The prefecture is composed of Aksu City and eight counties:

Wensu ,Baicheng,Kuche,Xinhe,Xayar,Awat,Kalpin, and Wushi. The 1st Division of Xinjiang production and Construction Crops and its 17 regiments and fields are distributed here. Aksu City is the seat of the prefecture committee of the part and the prefecture Administrative Office. Aksu, meaning“white water” in Uygur, was the territory of the ancient kingdoms administrated by the government of Governor-General for Controlling the Western Countries ,such as Qiuci Gumo and Wensu. At the early Tang Times, the Anxi Governor-General Government moved to Qiuci ,too,and Qiuci became one of military importance in AN XI. When Xinjiang Province was established, Aksu Dao was set up. After the Liberation, the Commissioner Office was set up here. After has an arid climate of the temperate zone and its annual average temperature is 7.6-11.5℃. Various landscapes via high way, railway and air, all make Aksu an attracting point to numberless tourists domestic and abroad every year.
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