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The Capital City Yinchuan – A Famous historical and culture

Yinchuan, capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and a famed old city north of the Great Wall, is also a rising tourist city in this country.
Nestling ar the foot of the Henlan Mountain to the west and facing the Yellow River in the east, Yingchuan is geographically located in the centre of Ningxia Plain. It is the oldest oasis in the area at the top of the Great Bend of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. When the place was first incorporated as a city in 678 AD, it was know as Huaiyuan County. It was renamed Xinzhou Prefecture in 1020. When it became the capital of the Western Xia in 1038, it was called Xingqing Circuit. It was not until 1947 that the city acquired its official name: Yinchuan.
Under Yinchuan’s jurisdiction are three districts(City District, New City District and Suburban District ) and two counties and a population of 1.17 million. The foot of Helan Mountain is strung with orchards; and the nickname ‘South China of the Northern Frontiers’ has long been famous since time of yore. There two lines, composed by the Tang poet Wei Chan, give apt expression to riches of Yinchuan Plain, a land of rice, fish and melons and fruits, and one of the areas that lead China in wheat and other farm crop yields.
Yinchuan has long been a major hub for commodities exchanges in the entire northwest. A circulation network, containing a variety of trading centers and wholesale markets, has covered the entire Ningxia and extended to neighboring provinces and autonomous regions.
Yinchuan is also a haven of tourist attractions. These include the Helan Mountain Scenic Resort, which is also a key national nature reserve; the Western Xia Ruins which include the tombs of the kings and Chengtiansi Pagoda; ancient buildings such as the Haibao Pagoda, the Tower of Jade Emperor, and the Bell and Drum Tower; the Islamic Folklore Zone centered around the Nanguan Mosque and the Islamic Seminary; and the Western Motion Picture Tourist Zone whose centerpiece is the Western Movie City. This rich pile of historical and cultural sites, a landscape typical of South China of the Northern Frontiers, and a location where the Chinese Hetao Culture mingled with Silk Road Culture, naturally turn Yinchuan into one of the most competitive tourist cities in China.     
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