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Sand Lake

Sand Lake Ecotourist Resort, 42 kilometres from Yinchuan, capital of the autonomous region, is the one and only national tourist trump card for those looking for a place with a lake, sand dunes, reed bushes, flying birds and swimming fish. That is why the National Tourism Administration has designated the Shahu Lake as one of the first group AAAA-class tourist resort. 
The rippling surface of the lake extends for 8.2 square kilometres and runs 2.2 metres deep. It is studded with green reed bushes, and teeming with swarms of fish. During the May-September period, the lake becomes a veritable paradise for a dozen or so varieties of precious bird species, such as swans, white and grey cranes, black stork, and wild geese.
Sand Lake Ecotourist Resort is surrounded by 5,000 mu of desert. Sand dunes, covering 1, 515 hectares on the premises, take shape of the crescent moon, making them ideal place for sand diving, sand bathing, sand therapy, and sand sports. Camel rides up the sand dunes are available. Walking on the fine sand under the warm sun is comparable to a homecoming visit to a nature.
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