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Qutan Temple

 The Qutan Temple (Qutan si), a state-level protected religious complex, is a typical reflection of the ancient Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD) temples, now rarely seen in Qinghai. This site, after establishment in 1387, was one of the most important Buddhist temples in China and today, although lacking much of its original prestige, it is still an interesting way to spend a few hours.
    The Longguo Hall and Baoguang Hall boast elegant carvings on their ridge beams, and from these, zig-zag corridors link to the back court. Within its 51 rooms, the complex contains a series of well-preserved murals that reflect the life of the Buddhist goddess Sakyamuni. Imperial favour was also bestowed upon the temple here, and a horizontal board bearing characters written by the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Hong wu, reflects this.
    How to get there: From the long-distance bus station or the railway station (see Xining Transportation), take a bus or train heading east to Ledu Town. The 80km journey will costs RMB10-20. From the town, there are minibuses (from both the train and bus stops) to the temple (around 15mins, a few RMB). A taxi ride direct to the temple from Xining should cost around RMB60 (one way). 
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