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Mausoleum of Yusup Has Hajib

Located on Tiyu Road,Kashgar City,it is the Mausoleum of the author of one of Uyghur master pieces’Wisdom of Royal Glory’(Fulezhihui).This is a relic site that no one will not visit in Kashgar .’Wisdom of Royal Glory’was the first literature work written in Uigur language in the 11th century.
The whole building is of a traditional Islamic architecture.Facing south,the main gate is 4.2 meters wide and 8 meters high,and on its left and right sides are two columns of bricks with 8.7meter turret on them.There are two gates with a turret respectively.The main chamber was a large room which was square outside but round inside,the width and length are all 8 meters.The arch is made from bricks with a turret right on the middle of it.
The grand tomb shows strong Uyghur Wisdom of Royal Glory’ is a great Uyghur literature work full of profound philosophy.In the years of 1069-1070,the author spent 18 months in Kashgar to complete the book.The epic include 85 chapters,13290 lines.The author advised that rules should be just,wise,and content by the stories of four imaginary characters.He assessed the function of all kinds of callings.The book covers politics,economy,law,philosophy,history,ethics,religion and social activities in its content.The structure is neat and rhythms are harmonious.Actually,it has a great impact on the development of Uyghur literature.
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