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Mahmud Kashgaria Mausoleum

The Mahmud Kashgaria Mausoleum,located in the Wupar Village Shufu County,is the burial ground of the compiler of A Dictionary of Turkic Languages.Mahmud Kashgaria lived in the 11th century.The present tomb was rebuilt in 1985.A mosque was built around the tomb for prayers.On the west side stands a display room where copies of the dictionary as well as books and materials related to the compiler and displayed.In front of the Mausoleum under several poplars is another spring,known as ‘Spring os Wisdom’.Beside ‘Spring of Wisdom’ stands a crooked and sturdy poplar tree,which is said to be planted by Kashgaria himself.So it is already morn than 900 years old.
The Dictionary is well-designed and clear in structure.As a monumental Uigur cultural work,it provides readers rich information about the ethnic peoples in the 11th century.It coves the contents of languages,characters,figures,folk customs,astronomy,geography,arts and crafts,medicine,politics,military affairs and social events.It records fairy tales,children games,sports and entertainment as well.Therefore it is safe to say that the dictionary is a encyclopedia about ancient Xinjiang and the Cultural Asia.
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