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The Introduction of Hangzhou

In February 2007, Hangzhou was entitled "The Best Tourism City of China"by CNTA (China National Tourism Administration)and WTO World Tourism Organization of UN. In December 2008, Hangzhou was elected as the Happiest City of China for the second time. As Hangzhou made good performance for five years in this election, it got the gold medal. Hangzhou is a paradise of tourism, leisure and living and the best destination for you to travel.The eight-thousand-year Kuahuqiao Site and the five-thousand-year Liangzhu Site bear the history and tell the immemorial lingering charm of Hangzhou. Hangzhou’s culture of ancient capital is enriched by stained Genshan Gate, Yongjin Gate, the Royal Palace site of Southern Song Dynasty and the Eight Trigrams Field of Southern Song Dynasty.
Mucai (means admiring talent people) Kiosk near the Xiling Bridge is the romantic place with thousands of years of love. West Lake Broken Bridge is the place for the thousands of years of meeting again (the story of White Snake). Liangzhu Site is the place having an affecting love story of the Butterfly Lovers. Those three spots make the historical thread for Hangzhou to be a city of love.The tea culture in Hangzhou is profound, and West Lake Longjing Green Tea tops the Ten Renowned Teas in China. Hangzhou deserves the title of “the tea capital of China” for its excellence in tea products, tea farmers, tea planting areas, tea culture, tea education, tea technology, tea economy and tea tour.
Due to the local products such as Dujinsheng brocade, West Lake umbrella and Hangzhou embroidery, Hangzhou has always enjoyed the reputation of being the “City of Silk". The culture of silk has been over 5000 years so far. The combination of Hangzhou silk and Hangzhou women’s garments perfectly shows another deep connotation of the silk culture of Hangzhou.
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