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Dongguan Mosque

As one of the largest mosque in Qinghai province, this mosque is combines Chinese, Tibetan and Islamic styles, with the strong religious atmosphere, its architecture style is quite beautiful and magnificent.
Introduction of Dongguan Mosque
Dongguan Mosque is the largest mosque in Qinghai Province, it is the magnificent mosque, which combines Han, Tibetan and Islamic styles, and it is one of the most important destinations for tourists to visit in the city, the monastery is very famous in the Northwest of China. Many believers who have to come here to worship every day, so you can feel the strong religious atmosphere in Dongguan Mosque.
Visiting the Dongguan Mosque
The mosque is located near Dongguan Street in Xining City,it is a courtyard composed of several buildings, and it will takes about an hour to visit the whole mosque. The building was built in 1913, when you standing outside of the temple, you can see a magnificent circular arch of Islamic style. Inside of the mosque, you will see some palaces with the Chinese style and the top of of the palace has a Tibetan Buddhist style roofs, which are very unique.
In addition, in the evening, when darkness has fallen, the outside of the mosque will be lit up with green lights. then the whole mosque will be quite splendid, so it is very fantastic to see and shoot the wonderful views on the outside of the mosque.
Watching the Religious Service
The mosque is a place of worship for Muslims,it have five times a day for worship, each lasting about 15-20 minutes. Dongguan Mosque is quite magnificent, but the scene is very devout and quiet.
It should be noted that Friday afternoon is the time for Muslims to worship, at that time all the main Monastery are not open to the public.
Explanation of scenic spots
There are free explanations in the mosque, which can help visitors to understand the content of Islam's beliefs and religious rituals. The explanations of Dongguan Mosque are very detailed and marvelous. Furthermore, there will be the chanting of the Koran, tourists should not be missed.
Travel Tips of Dongguan Mosque:
1. Muslim religious etiquette should be respected when visiting mosques. Please be quiet during worship and not stand in front of the worshippers.
2. When you visiting the mosque, please do not wear the exposed clothes. Girls should not wear shorts, skirts, etc. If they wear the shorts or skirts, they have to change into free gowns prepared in the mosque.
3. During the Islamic holidays of Korban and Eid al-Fitr, the streets around the mosque are full of worshippers, which is quite stupendous, and ou can take pictures around other buildings.
4. Every Friday(Jumah Day) afternoon is the time for Muslims to worship, at that time all the main Monastery are not open to the public.
The Ticket price of Dongguan Mosque:
Free of charge
Opening Time:
7.00AM to 7.30PM (1ST January to 31st December, Monday to Sunday)
The Telephone number of Scenic Area
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