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Custom of the Hui Ethic Group

For a long time Ningxia has been the largest settlement for the Hui people. Of the region’s population of 5.61 million, 1.9 million, or one third, are Huis.
All the Hui people are followers of Islamism. That is why mosques of varying sizes are everywhere in the region. To be exact, there are 3, 380 such religious establishments in Ningxia, with 4, 600 mans and 6,900 manas. Each mosque is a three-in-combination of Summons Hall, Prayer Hall and Bathing Centre.
The Hui people believe in Islamism. They are characterized by observing tradition and convention. They do not touch pork. Whenever Hui people meet, they will greet each other with respect. When a visitor comes, a cup of tea will be served first, and then fruits and deserts or homemade desert followed. Moreover, all the family members have to greet the guest. If the guest happens to be an old Person, they will invite him/her to sit on a warm brick built bed with a cup of tea. When the guest takes leave, all the family members start off to see him/her off. If he/she is a guest from a far distance or a distinguished visitor, the whole family will walk him/her out of the village or town. All the festivals of Hui are closely connected with Islamism, in which Fast- Breaking or Eid-ul-Fitr and the Corban Festival are the most important ones.
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