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Borders in Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture

The most detailed information of border port in Xinjiang, what you want to know is following:
Recent years, as the most important passageway in ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang become the focus in people’ s mind once again because of the influence of “Belt and Road”. Xinjiang, not only have majestic scenery, cuisine, folklore with different style, but also have the largest area, the longest border line with a number of bordering countries and land port. Boarding 8 countries, with more than 5600 kilometers of long border line, there are more than a dozen external land ports. It is pity that you don’t have a travel the land port and know about it when you in Xinjaing.
Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture
The two gates that leading to Kyrgyzstan
Irkeshtan Port(China and Kyrgyzstan) 
The Irkeshtan port is the westernmost port in China. It is located in the village of Simhanna , the first village in the northwest of China (Jigen Township, Wuqia County, Xinjiang Kizilsu Autonomous Prefecture), so it was once called "Simhanna Port", 250 km from the city of Atushi, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, bordering Osh State, Kyrgyzstan. The X54 Provincial Highway in the territory of Irkeshtan is connected to the 314 National Highway. With the convenient traffic, the port is an important international channel in the westernmost part of China.
The Irkeshtan Port used to be an important passage and station on the “Old Silk Road”. There has been a period of prosperity in the history of business travel. It was also the passage of the border trade between China and the Soviet Union (Russia). In the early 1950s, the mail between the two countries was exchanged at this port. Since then, the place of exchange of mail was turned to the Torghut port. Then the port was forced to close because the relationship between Sino-Russian was broken up.
With the development of the economy, Irkeshtan Port was temporarily opened on 21 July in order to meet the urgent needs of the border trade among China, Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries 1997. In January 26, 1998, the State Council officially approved the opening of the port as a national first-class port to the exchange of personnel and goods in Kyrgyzstan and third countries.
There are an interesting place on the way to Irkeshtan Port. Because Wucha County is exactly located in a spot where the Tianshan Mountains and the Kunlun Mountains meet. It is a passing point at the junction of the Tianshan Mountains and Kunlun Mountains. Therefore, it is worthy taking a photo.
Turgart Port (China and Kyrgyzstan)
The Turgart port, originally located in the northern part of Tuoyun Township, Wuqia County, bordering Kyrgyzstan, is about 170 kilometers away from Atushi city and Kashgar. Turgart is a plateau port with an altitude of 3,765 meters. The port is located in the Turute Pass, in a flat land in the valley. Later, in 1995, due to natural concerns this port was moved to Pato, which is about 2000 meters above sea level, connecting to G3013 and S309. Thus the traffic is very convenient.
As early as the Han Dynasty, Turgart was an important station on the Silk Road. Since 1881, the port trade has had a history of hundreds of years. The port was opened in the early 20th century. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, in accordance with the agreement between China and the Soviet Union, the import and export of goods was officially handled in early 1950. In May 1958, the border trade between China and the Soviet Union was carried out. In 1969, due to the deterioration of Sino-Soviet relationships, trade was ceased. On 13 December, 1983, trade was resumed and reopened all year round. At present, this post can be passed only for goods, except for those with special pass.
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