China Self Drive: Yunnan to Xinjiang
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China Self Drive: Yunnan to Xinjiang Map
DAY 1  Mohan Border  Mengla               50kms,1hr driving

Today you will arrive in the Mohan Border between China and Laos. Leading car and your guide will meet you at the border. The car stays at the border and you will be transferred to Mengla .
DAY 2  Mengla

Dealing with temporary license etc.
DAY 3  MenglaPu'er         240kms,3-4hrs driving
DAY 4  Pu'erYuanyang           416kms,6-7hrs driving
DAY 5   Yuanyang Tour
DAY 6  Yuanyang Kunming             269kms,4-5hrs driving
DAY 7   Kunming Xichang       504kms, 6-7hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Qiong Hai/Liangshan Yi Slave Society Museum
DAY 8 XichangChengdu             439kms,5-6hrs driving
DAY 9  ChengduJiuzhaigou         427kms,7-8hrs driving
DAY 10  Jiuzhaigou Tour
DAY 11  JiuzhaigouYaoduzhen                393kms,7hrs driving
DAY 12  Yaoduzhen Tianshui                 645kms,9hrs driving
DAY 13  TianshuiLanzhou                     290kms,4hrs driving
DAY 14  LanzhouWuwei                      273kms,3-4hrs driving
DAY 15  WuweiZhangye                 244kms,3-4hrs driving

Suggested Attractions :Danxia Landform
DAY 16  Zhangye Yumen                     358kms,4hrs driving       
DAY 17  YumenDunhuang          258kms,3hrs driving
DAY 18  Dunhuang Tour

Suggested Attractions : The Mogao Grottoes
DAY 19  Dunhuang Hami                 425kms,6-7hrs driving             
DAY 20  Hami Turpan         419kms, 5-6hrs driving
DAY 21   Turpan           

Suggested Attractions : Jiaohe Ruins/10Emin Tower
Day 22  TurpanKorla              368kms,5-6hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Sykya Tower/Xuankong Temple    
DAY 23 KorlaLunnan                 218kms,3-4hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Tarim River and Desert
DAY 24  Lunnan  Minfeng            522kms,8hrs driving

Suggested Attractions : Taklimakan Desert 
DAY 25 Minfeng Hotan             290kms,4-5hrs driving             
DAY 26   HotanKashgar                505kms,8hrs driving
DAY 27  Kashgar Tour

Suggested Attractions :  Bazaar/ Idigar Mosque / Apak Hoja Tomb / Old Town / Handicraft Street     
DAY 28  Kashgar Border

Handling with exit procedures
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2-5 persons N $ 3398 $ 2997
6-9 persons N $ 2676 $ 2355
10 persons & above N $ 2377 $ 2317
Single room Supplement N $ 717 $ 597

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