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Hami Travel Guide

Hami Prefecture, leaning against the Tianshan Mountains in the north and facing vast desert in the south, is situated in the eastern part of Xinjiang with a total area of 150,000 square kilometers and a population of 430,000. composed of Hami City, Barkol County and Yiwu County, the prefecture is on the main route from inland China to Xinjiang and known as the stronghold on the way to the West Regions. Hami has a long history and abundant mineral resources. The ancient cultures and advantaged superiority in natural resources form the frame of today’s development. A lot of enterprises of electric power, metallurgical, chemical, textile and other industries together with cultural and civic establishments, such as library, museum, TV station, palaestra and park, compose numerous colorful urban views. The special local products, such as Hami Melon, big Chinese date of Wupu, hop, etc., are not only taken as great pride by local people, but also famous all over the country.
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