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Borders of Altay Region

The most detailed information of border port in Xinjiang, what you want to know is following:
Recent years, as the most important passageway in ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang become the focus in people’ s mind once again because of the influence of “Belt and Road”. Xinjiang, not only have majestic scenery, cuisine, folklore with different style, but also have the largest area, the longest border line with a number of bordering countries and land port. Boarding 8 countries, with more than 5600 kilometers of long border line, there are more than a dozen external land ports. It is pity that you don’t have a travel the land port and know about it when you are in Xinjaing.
 Altay        --the scenery in this port is the most beautiful .
Jimu Nai Port(China and Kazakhstan)
Located in Jimu Nai County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang, Jimu Nai is far from about 24 kilometers west of Jimu Nai County, about 200 kilometers from Altay City. The port is at the junction of Kazakhstan Prefecture of Kazakhstan.
Jimu Nai Port is a port with a history of more than 100 years. As early as 1917, the Tsarist Russia fell. After the founding of the Soviet Union, this port is changed to trade with the Soviet Union. Later, because of Sino-Soviet relations, it fell into a cold war,after 1962, and trade and personnel exchanges were interrupted. In 1991, the governments of China and Kazakhstan signed an agreement to approve the temporary opening of the goods at the Jimu Nai Port. In 1992, China and Kazakhstan signed an agreement and agreed to open the Jimu Nai Port year-round, allow Chinese and Kazakh personnel to travel with goods and vehicles. In 1994, it was approved by the State Council to open to the outside world. In November 1997, it officially passed the national acceptance and approval to become a first-class port.
The country gate of the Jimu Nai land port in the 1960s has now become a tourist attraction.
In August 2014,the policy of “no visa for three days” was implemented in Jimu Nai port, which also made it the second land port in Xinjiang, the first in the Altay region to implement the “no visa for three days” policy for citizens of Kazakhstan. This policy has greatly promoted the mutual trade and tourism shopping for the two countries. When I came to Xinjiang, I went to Altay, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to visit the port.
Hongshanzui Port (Chonese and Mongolia)         ----the most beautiful port
Hongshanzui Port is a seasonal port where located in the middle of the Altai Mountains. It is 240 kilometers far from Fuhai County in the Altay area. The port is 192 kilometers from Altay City. It is a very beautiful port along the way.
The east side of the port is at the junction of Sag Sai County, Bayan Uleghe Province, Mongolia, 180 kilometers away from Ureiga, the capital of Bayan Uleghe Province. The trade channel of Hongshanzui Port between Sino-Mongolian has a long history. On 24 June, 1991, China and Mongolia signed an agreement to open the Hongshanzui Port. It was opened to the public by the State Council in 1992 and officially opened in July 1992. The opening period is from 1 to 10 from July to September each year. Residents in the border areas of the two countries can use the pass to enter.
Snow covering mountains all year round,Hongshanzui region is a famous "island in Snow Sea", thus, it is a place where only a few people know. It is necessary to take the S230 Provincial Road to Kulmutu. At the end of this provincial road, there is the famous Wenquan Valley National Park (Altay Alashan Hot Springs) and Butterfly Groove. Although road is not very good, the scenery is very beautiful. it is worth taking a walk when going to the port.
Takshken Port (China and Mongolia)
Takshken Port, located in Qinghe County of Altay, is about 100 kilometers southeast of Qinghe County. The port is at the junction of Bogan County in Mongolia's Kobudo Province. It is a national land-class port that is opened all year around in China and Mongolia.
The Takshken Port was officially opened to the public in July 1989. It was a seasonal port. It has been a port that has been open all year round until 13 January, 2011. It is  the only one of 4 port in Xinjiang that is opened to the Mongolian port all year around. The port allows both Chinese and Mongolian personnel, border trade goods and vehicles to pass, and citizens living within the border areas of the two countries can use the border.
Aheibe Buick Port (China and Kazakhstan)
The Aheibe Buick port is located in the western part of Habahe County in the Altay region of Xinjiang, opposite the eastern Kazakhstan state of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The port is 117 km from Habahe County and 284 km from Altay city. The 185th Regiment of the 10th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as the border defense station, the People's Bank, the post and telecommunications office, and the fleet are stationed in the port area. In 1992, the Chinese and Kazakh governments signed an agreement to open the port and allow the people, vehicles and goods of China and Kazakhstan to pass. In March 1994, the overall plan for the opening of the Aheibe Buick Highway Port with the approval of the State Council has been completed and has not yet been opened.
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