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Zhangye Travel Guide

Anciently named Ganzhou, Zhangye was a famous commercial port on the Silk Road and one of the biggest international trade markets in the country. Merchants from the west kept coming here for trading. Irrigation from the Black and Shandan rivers makes agriculture here quite developed. It gains the reputation of "lush southern-type fields in the desert".Situated in western part of Gansu province, midway of Hexi Corridor,located in the area where the Qinghai-Tibet and Inner Mongolia Plateaus adjoin; borders the Mt. Qilian in the south, Heli Mountain and Longshou Mountain in the north, long and narrow clime which shapes as a running horse; the highest altitude in southeast reaches 5,564 meters (18,254 feet) and the lowest altitude in northwest is 1,284 meters (4,212 feet); the elevation of Zhangye City is 1,474 meters (4,835 feet)
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