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Traveling Silk Road is a journey through history that is very much alive today !
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11 Days Silk Road Travel from Kashgar to Beijing


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Tour Code: CITIC-SD-19
Summary: We Tailor-made this route specially for the travelers who take the great silk road tour and enter into China from Border with Kyrgyzstan,our 11 days silk road tour include the silk road trade mark city Kashgar, the junction crossing city of Turpan which is aboundant of historical site such as the Jiaohe Ruins, the Tuyoq valley and the Karez irrigaion system which is one of the great man-made project in China.UNESCO of Mogao caves and the best place for your to experience the silk road caravan.take the soft sleeper train to Xi'an from Dunhuang and take 2 days Xi'an tour so that you will have a great experience in this ancient capital city of China,our silk road trip end in Beijing which include the Great Wall, the Rickshow,The Forbidden city and the Farewell dinner of Roast Peking Duck will be arrange for our distingushed travelers.

Day 1

Irkestam/Torugart Border- Kashgar
The Pottery Workshop in Kashgar

Please read this Tour Report by our clients Liz from USA which will help you more to know about this route
Drive to the Irkestam/Torgart border, custom control, and then drive to the pass where you will meet our Chinese guide. Drive to Kashgar.Crossing "modern" fronteirs is half the fund on the Silk Road today. We cross over to China and your Chinese English-speaking guide would meet you at Turgart Pass and then transfer to head for the Silk Road centra of Kashgar. our Chinese guide will prepare the packed lunch for you, then you will have 3-5 hours driving to Kashgar to start your China Silk Road Adventure, our professinal organization will let you have a great silk road tour with us. as the Sunday bazaar is only available on Sunday and the border is not open, thus we suggest you to cross the border on Friday, please note, the border is still closed on China holiday, please check our website about the date when the border is closed in the year of 2014 before you make the plan.

Day 2

Kashgar City Tour
Idigar Mosque

After breakfast take the city tour.Visiting the Id Kah Mosque fronted by the busy square., the largest in China that built in 1442; Abakh Hoja Tomb, built in 1640, it is reminiscent of the Central Asian artistic style of Samarkand of Isfahan. The site is also known as the Xiang Fei (Fragrant Concubine) Tomb in memory of Abakh Khoja's granddaughter, Iparhan, who was the Fragrant Concubine of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty.Roam through the Colorful National Street that assembled rich and verity workshop of making uyghur’s handcrafts,and walking the streets of its Old Town, will provide a sense of what this legendary Central Asian hub was like in the days when the Silk Road was at its zenith. in the afternoon visit the Old town, Visiting the small alleys and knowing Uygur characteristic residence culture, you can enjoy and experience the culture and history that is contained in the small alleys and deep courtyards. In the alleys on platforms besides the residence marvel at the even more ancient primitive workshops for hand-made earthenware.Some17or18 antique workshops have been restored.

Day 3

Kashgar -Urumqi-Turpan (200kms, 3hrs driving)
Our Travelers from Spain in the Bazaar of Urumqi

In the morning board one short flight to Urumqi, after lunch at Urumqi. We will have one short tour at Urumqi as following ,Firstly visit the Museum of National Minorities and History housing the bodies from Turpan's Astana tombs, the Erdaoqiao Market, a covered street of food & textile stalls.Then visit the lively market at Erdaoqiao, where anything from Uygur handicrafts, silk carpets to fruits and kebabs are sold. We will also visit the Old Town area, where we will see how Uygurs live in today's modern capital (the New Town is the Han Chinese area of town).Then drive to Turpan Located in a land depression,some 505 feet below sea level,Turpan is known for its wonderful crops of grapes and melon. On the way , you will view Urumqi Wind Power Station, is the biggest wind power station of Asia .More than 350 windmills work and provide electricity for the people of Urumqi.A wonderful Uygur dance show will be provided in the evening.

Day 4

Turpan-Dunhuang (9hrs driving on the sleeper train)
Our Travelers from German in the Local Uighur Family

In the morning visit the Ruins Of Gaochang City located 46 kms east of the City. It was built in the 1st century B.C. Once the capital of the Gaochang Kingdom and Huihu Gaochang with high city walls and criss-cross streets and lanes, it was burned down in the 14th century.Then visit The Bezklik Grottoes(one Thousand Buddha Caves) show the extent to which Buddhism spread in this area. Turpan Cemetery contains decorated tombs dating back to the Jin and Tang dynasties. We will stop at the ancient Astana Tombs. See the Flaming Mountains that seem on fire in the mid-day sun See the Emin Minaret (Sugong Pagoda), one of the architectural gems of the Silk Road. before dinner, our guide will bring you to the local night market or super market to buy something to eat or drink for overnight on the train. After dinner. you will be transferred to the train station which named Daheyan -about 1 hour driving from Turpan city. Take the soft sleeper train to Dunhuange.

Day 5

Our Travelers from Thailand in Mogao Caves

Our nice guide will meet you at the train station and then you will have 2 hours driving to Dunhuang city and after breakfast visit the Mogao Grottoes , Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake.
  Mogao Grottoes:The traveler finds the Mogao Caves, a shrine of Buddhist art treasures, 25 km (15.5miles) from downtown Dunhuang on the eastern slope of Mingsha Shan (Mount Echoing Sand). A network of plank reinforced roads plying north to south 1600 meters (5, 249 feet) long lead to the cave openings, which are stacked five stories high some reaching up to 50 meters (164 feet). By the way, Mogao means high up in the desert.According to Tang Dynasty records, a monk had witnessed onside a vision of thousand Buddhas under showers of golden rays. Thus inspired, he started the caves construction work that spanned ten dynasties.
  Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake:Located 5 km (about three miles) south of Dunhuang City, the Echoing-Sand Mountain, for many Chinese well known as Mingsha Mountain, is celebrated for the sound of the moving sand. In 1994 it was acclaimed as the national key scenic spot. Together with the Crescent Springand the Mogao Caves, the Echoing-Sand Mountain is most popular sitein Dunhuang travel.You may wonder why the sand makes these different sounds.

Day 6

Dunhuang-Xi’an (K592:09:32-09:22)
City Wall in Xi'an

After breakfast take the soft sleeper train to Xi’an,and full day on the train,it will arrival Xi’an tomorrow morning.there is a restaurant in the train, so you can have meals on the train, or you need to buy something before you board on the train. Xi'an, prounounced "she-ahn" is the capital of Shaanxi, the largest city in north-west China. It had served as the nation's capital for more than 1000 years.As the birthplace of Huaxia civilization, Xi’an is a city with long history and abundant cultural heritage, and was entitled the national historical and cultural city in the first batch. As one of the four famous capitals in the world, (the other three are Rome, Cairo and Athens), Xi’an is exceptionally rich in resources for traveling and is a city that is well-known worldwide. There are more than 120 mausoleums of the emperors surrounding the Xi’an city. The Terracotta Warriors are reputed as “the eighth miracle” in the world.

Day 7

The Terracotta Warriors

 Our nice guide will meet you at the train station and then start with the full day excursion (if the hotel rooms are availale, we may check in hotel first to fresh up, otherwise take the tour first) to the unparalleled highlight Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses at the Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor in China and visit to Banpo Village ¨C the remains of a neolithic village dating back 6,000 years. Primitive tools and household utensils are displayed in the Banpo Museum. Back to the city, we visit the Grand Mosque and its nearby Muslim living quarters The Great Mosque of Xian is the biggest and most preserved complete Chinese existent mosque. The temple constructs at the Tianbao first year (742 years) during Tang Dynasty, was rebuilt by Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing.In the evening, attend a Tang Dynasty show and experience the glorious Tang culture, which can make you enjoy the royal arts like a king in the 7th century.

Day 8

Xi’an-Beijing ( Z20: 19:55-07:10)
Our Travelers from America in Shanxi Museum

After breakfast take the city tour,Visiting the Ancient City Wall which was built in 1370 A.D. The ceremony in the style of ancients is held there in order to reproduce the high courteous reception of the prosperous Tang dynasty according to the historical records. Then visit the Bell Tower which were used to keep time for the town and sound alarms. Originally from the 14th century, this huge tower was relocated in 1739.In the afternoon visit to Big Wild Goose Pagoda which was built in 652 A.D. It contains a large volume of Buddhist scriptures which were obtained from India by the eminent monk of Xuanzang. After dinner, board one overnight train with soft sleeper to Beijing. Jing for short, is the nation's political, economic, cultural and educational center as well as China's most important center for international trade and communications.It has been the heart and soul of politics and society throughout its long history and consequently there is an unparalleled wealth of discovery to delight and intrigue travelers as they explore Beijing's ancient past and enjoy its exciting modern development.

Day 9

Our Travelers from America in Shanxi Museum

Early morning train upon arrival at Beijing, then, An unforgettable day for everyone to make his dream come true. Escorted by our guide, you will visit the world renowned Great Wall Mutianyu, the only man-made structure that can be seen from moon. You will ascend one or two of its majestically standing towers and enjoy a unique view of the Wall winding among the undulating mountains. Back to city , taking rickshaws for a fascinating tour of Beijing’s Hutongs-old narrow lanes lined with ancient courtyard houses, giving us a glimpse into the daily life of Beijing residents. then you will visit the Princess Gong Mansion which is the biggest quadrangle in the world and now it is the best preserved of the more than sixty princely mansions of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It was once the residence of He Shen, a favorite court official during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (reign: 1735-1796). As soon as Emperor Qianlong died, He Shen was put into prison and sentenced to death for his corruption by Emperor Jiaqing, the successor of Emperor Qianlong. Thus, his residence was confiscated, and afterwards, in 1851, Emperor Xianfeng (reign: 1850-1861) gifted it to his sixth young brother Yixin, Prince Gong. Therefore, the residence got its name - Prince Gong's Mansion.

Day 10

Forbidden City

After breakfast visit Forbidden City--largest imperial palace in China during the Ming and Qing dynasties with a history of around 600 years.Located in the middle of Beijing, Forbidden City was the Chinese royal palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, Tiananmen Square-- the largest city square in the world, outdoor view of Bird’ Nest.And then visit the Summer Palace,Being the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, it greatly influences Chinese horticulture and landscape with its famous natural views and cultural interests, which also has long since been recognized as 'The Museum of Royal Gardens'.In the evening, attend a farewell banquet featuring Beijing Roast Duck, specially prepared for you! 

Day 11


After breakfast check out your hotel,your journey ends with a hotel/airport transfer.

Price: per person
Travel in party of Superior Class
Deluxe Class
Tourist Class
2-3 persons N $ 2655 $ 2517
4-6 persons N $ 2088 $ 1976
7-9persons N $1858 $1698
10 persons & above N $ 1726 $ 1598
Single room Supplement N $ 360 $ 250

Service included:

*Private transportation with good AC 
* Hotel with breakfast
*All the entrance fee listed in the itinerary
*Full board meals 
*Breakfast when overnight in the train
*Excellent English guide service
* Soft sleeper train: Turpan to Dunhuang,Dunhuang to Xi'an, Xi'an to Beijing
* Flights: Kashgar to Urumqi
* Visa support letter 
* Travel insurance

Service excluded:

* Breakfast on the trains
* Personal expenses and tips to the guide and driver.
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