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Traveling Silk Road is a journey through history that is very much alive today !
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17 Days Silk Road Culture Tour for Students


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Tour Code: CITIC-SD-22
Summary: Silk Road is the greatest commercial trade routes between East and West. Taking the Silk Road Culture Tour for students (kids) is the best way to know about the Chinese history,people,culture etc. Our Silk Road Culture Tour specialized design for students which included many activities,communicate with local students,talk with the Lama in Xiahe Monastery,camping in the desert,overnight in the local Uighur family in the grape trellies,and the yurt in Heavenly lake of the local Kazakhs,plenty,vivid life experience will let the student have great understanding about China.

Day 1

 Day Schedule,  Flight /Train arrive in Xi’an, Check in the hotel. Welcome Party

Day 2

7:00am: Morning Call, Breakfast in the hotel
8:00am: Take the bus to visit the history Museum
10:00am: Take the bus to visit Big Goose Pagoda (optional climb the pagoda )
12:00am: Take the bus back to the hotel, Lunch on your own
4:00pm:  Walk from hotel to visit the big Mosque
5:30pm: Student Presentations in the mosque’s conference room
             Talk with expert on Muslims in China,
             Dinner on your own (suggestion: Muslim street) Evening free
             Suggestion: Water show at Big Goose Pagoda, Water Movie at Tang Garden
  • Big Goose Pagoda

  • Shan Xi Mosque

Day 3


7:00am: Morning call,  Breakfast in the hotel
8:00am: Take the bus to Terra Cotta Warriors Museum (1.5hr drive)
                Walk to museum restaurant, Student presentations in front of museum restaurant
               Talk with a farmer who found the warriors, Visit the museum
                (3pits, 1 exhibition hall and 1 movie theatre)
12:30pm: Group lunch at museum restaurant
1:30pm:  Walk to bus parking place
1:45pm: Take the bus to visit the wax museum of Qingshihuang Tomb
3:00pm :Take the bus to visit the Herb Market,  Herb finding game
              Students will be divided into 10groups;
              each  group gets three pictures of different kinds of herb.                                    
              Each group need to find out this herb and write its name and function
              at the back of the picture(may ask the vendors to help write down)
5:00pm: Take the bus back to hotel,  Dinner on your own,
               Evening free, Suggestion: Tang Music and Dance Show.
  • Terracotta Warriors 

  • Tang Show

Day 4


8:00am :Morning call, Breakfast at hotel
9:15am: Check out hotel (leave the luggage at the lobby)
9:30am : Student presentations in the hotel lobby
              Walk from hotel to visit City Wall ,Meet with local students on the wall
             (optional biking –pay on your own
             Afternoon free with local students 
             Suggestions: Stele Forest Museum, Art and Antique Street.
             Lunch and dinner on your own
8:30pm: Assemble at hotel lobby, local luggage on bus ,Take bus to the train station
10:26pm: Train (K119,22:26-06:28) leaves for Lanzhou.
  • Xi'an City Wall
  • Stele Museum

Day 5

6:30am: Train arrives in Lanzhou,Take bus to the restaurant for breakfast: beef noodle
9:00am: Take bus to visit Yellow River Park,Optional (goat-skin boat cruise-pay on your own)
10:00am: Take bus to Xiahe (6hrs), Stop in LinXia for lunch—on your own
5:00pm: Bus arrives in Xiahe, Check in hotel
6:30pm: Student presentations at the hotel yard
7:00pm: Take bus to restaurant for group dinner, Tibetan Banquet.
  • Goat-Skin Boat

  • The Mosque in Linxia

Day 6

8:00am: Morning call,Breakfast at hotel
9:00am: Student presentations at the hotel yard
9:30am: Talk with invited lama: life of being a lama
10:00am: Walk to visit Labrang Monastery, Lunch on your own
1:30pm:  Meet in the hotel yard .
               Option1:Take the bus to visit Sanke grassland
               Visit nomadic family, Learn Tibetan dance 
4:30pm: Take bus back to the hotel 
              Option2: Hike the mountain, (must follow guides, NO INDIVIDUAL EXPLORATION).
              Visit Sky-burial site. Dinner on your own ,Evening free.
  • Labrang Monastery

  • Sangke Pastureland

Day 7

Xiahe—Lanzhou (260kms, 4hrs driving)
Suggestion: morning pilgrimage around the monastery
8:00am: Morning call,  Breakfast at hotel
9:00am: Check out hotel (load luggage on bus
9:15am: Student presentation at the hotel yard
 9:45am: Take bus back to Lanzhou (6hrs),  Stop in Linxia for lunch –on your own
               Stop to visit Xichuan Big Mosque at Guanghe
5:30pm: Bus arrives at hotel in Lanzhou, Check in the hotel
              Dinner on your own  Evening free.
              Suggestion: prepare food for dinner and breakfast on the train tomorrowe.
  • Xichuan Mosque

  • Lanzhou City 

Day 8

Lanzhou—Dunhuang (Train (K9667,17:50-07:45) 
6:00am: Morning call , Breakfast at the hotel
7:00am: Check out the hotel (load luggage on bus)
7:15am: Take the bus to Linjiaxia Reservoir 2hrs)  Take speed boat to Binglingsi Caves (1hr)
              Student presentations at the rest place,  Visit the caves Picnic lunch
1:00pm: Walk back to the wharf
1:15pm: Take speed boat back to the reservoir  ,Take bus back to Lanzhou
4:30pm: Bus arrives in Lanzhou train station
5:30pm: Train (K9667,17:50-07:45) leaves for Dunhuang, Dinner on the train-on your own
  • Liujiaxia Reservior

  • Binlingsi Temple

Day 9
Day Schedule  Breakfast on the train—on you own
10:54am: Train arrives in Dunhuang,Take bus to restaurant for group lunch
               Student presentations at restaurant
1:30pm: Take bus to hotel . Check in hotel
 3:00pm: Take bus to visit Mogao Caves (no camera allowed inside)
5:30pm: Take bus back to hotel, Dinner on your own Suggestion: night market .Evening free
  • Painting of Mogao Caves

  • Arts in the Night Market

Day 10
7:00am: Morning call, Breakfast at hotel
8:00am: Take bus to visit Yadan Ghost City (2.5hrs)
12:30pm: Group lunch at ghost city restaurant
1:30pm: Take bus back to hotel,Dinner on your own
              or you can bring food but no cooking facilities at camping)
6:30pm: Take bus to the desert ,Walk to camping site
7:30pm: Assemble at camp,Student presentations on the desert, Camping on desert 
              (Hot water,coffee,tea and paper cups are provided by Trust Tour)
  • Ghost City

  • Camping in Desert

Day 11


5:00am: Wake up ,Take bus to Singing Sand Dune ,Ride camels to see sunrise
               Ride camels to see Crescent Moon Lake
9:00am: Take bus back to hotel,Breakfast at hotel
12:00pm: Check out hotel (leave luggage at the lobby)   Morning and afternoon free
               Suggestion: Bike to the ruins of ancient Great Wall
6:15pm: Student presentations at hotel lobby,Load luggage on bus
              Dinner on your own and prepare the breakfast 
7:00pm; Take bus to Dunhuang Train station
8:00pm: Train(K169,21:08-06:37)leaves for Turpan
  • Sand Dune

  • Camel Riding

Day 12


10:34: Train arrives in Turpan,  Take bus to hotel (1hr driving)
12:00pm: Check in the hotel, Lunch on your own 
1:30pm: Take the bus to visit Sugong Minerat
2:30pm: Take the bus to visit Karez irrigation system,Afternoon free
               Dinner on your own ,Enjoy the local Uyger Culture Show
  • Sugong Minerat

  • Uighur Show

Day 13
8:00am: Morning call,Breakfast at hotel
9:00am: Student presentation at hotel lobby
9:30am: Take bus to visit Jiaohe ancient city
11:45am: Take bus back to the hotel,Lunch on your own. 
                Afternoon free,Suggestion: visit local bazaar
6:00pm: Take bus to Uyger village for home-stay
7:30pm: Dinner at family home, take a part of the Local Party
  • Jiaohe Ruined City

  • Party in Uighur Family

Day 14
8:00am: Wake up .Take bus back to hotel ,Breakfast at the hotel
              Morning free. Lunch on you own
2:00pm: Student presentations at hotel lobby
2:30pm: Take bus to Tuyugou village (oriental Mecca)
              (1.5hr drive, pass by flaming mountain) Visit the village and grottos
6:00pm: Take bus back to hotel. Dinner on your own ,Evening free
  • Tuyoq Village

  • Flaming Mountain

Day 15
Turpan—Heavenly Lake
7:30am: Morning call , Breakfast at the hotel
8:45am: Check out hotel (load luggage on bus
9:00am: Take bus to Tianchi Lake (5hrs drive) .Stop halfway for lunch—on your own
3:00pm: Bus arrives at Tianchi Lake (4hrs) Walk to the Kazak yurts  
             (only bring a small pack with overnight necessities)
             Hike around the lake (NO MOUNTAIN CLIMBING NO SWIMMING
6:00pm: Assemble at yurt , Student presentations at the yurt
6:30pm: Kazak dinner,Music and bonfire party
  • Heavenly Lake

  • Kazakha's Yurt

Day 16
Heavenly Lake -Urumqi
7:00am:  Walk up. Walk to bus ,Take bus to restaurant for breakfast.
9:00am: Take the bus to Urumqi
11:00am: Bus arrives at Xinjiang Museum in Urumqi
                Student presentations in the main hall of museum Visit the museum
1:00pm: Take the bus to hotel check in the hotel, Lunch on your own.
              Afternoon free suggestion: International Bazaar
7:00pm: Take the bus to restaurant for farewell dinner
  • Xinjiang Museum

  • Xinjiang Grand Bazaar

Day 17

Urumqi- your destination
 9:00:Morning Call, Breakfast at Hotel, Today is final day of the trip 
        please bring all your belongs with you to the airport.
10:15: Check out the hotel, leave your luggages in the hotel lobby
10:30:Take the bus to airport,take the flight back to sweet home
          Your silk road culture tour end of services.:)

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