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Traveling Silk Road is a journey through history that is very much alive today
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A Journey along the Legendary Trade Route Through China
Beijing--The capital of China with a 3,000-year history
Xi’an--Ancient ‘Changan,’ historic centre of Chinese Civilization
Jiayuguan--Guarding the famous Silk Road’s Hexi Corridor
Dunhuang--China’s most significant capital of Buddhist Art
Kashgar--Landmark for the past two millennia as the crossroads of the Silk Road
Turpan-Known as Fireland and most historical sites preserved well.
Duration: 18Days                  
Route:Kashgar--Kucha--Turpan--Dunhuang-- Lanzhou--Xia'he-- Xi'an-- Luoyang.

If you enter into Kashgar from the border, this is the best route for you to know about the China Silk Road Culture, our advantages: we have good contacts with border burea so that we can reach you at the nearest point of the Border . besides you can experience the Uyger culture, Tibetan culture as well as the buddism art differently. we put Luoyang in the itinerary where you can enjoy the authentic Shaolin Temple and Kongfu show. There is Luoyang Peony Festival held every 10th April to 10th May.
Commences Kashgar border in 20th April
2012 or 15th September

Duration: 14Days
Route:Xi'an--Lanzhou-- Jiayuguan-- Dunhuang-- Turpan-- Urumqi-- Kashgar  
Introduction of the train: All the trains we select is the new train with good air-condition. 4 soft berth in one compartment with good facilities. you can lock the door to keep safe. Journey from China Ancient Silk Road start city of Xi'an to the magnificant Karakul Lake, Enjoy the typical Tibetan culture and their colorful customer, while experience the Uyger culture differently. and we garantee the early hotel checking for fresh up and rest.
Group departure date 2012:18th July (4%discount)    12th Spetember, 26th September (5%discount)
Duration: 17Days
Features: Start from the capital, this tour will take you to the mysterious and attractive historical Silk Route in China, where you will visit many historical wonders, Buddhism temples and beautiful Chinese classical architectures and historical ruins as well as the weekly Great Sunday Bazaar, where kaleidoscope of scenes from the pages of ‘A Thousand and One Nights. And you can enjoy the diversity of the unique culture and their customers.please choose this comprehensive route.
Book 6month in advance you can get 8%discount.
Duration: 11Days
Join us in the ancient city of Xi'an, experience the Chinese traditional culture. we arrange the Tangshow and Dumplin banquet for you. Hights of Dunhuang is the UNESCO Mogao Caves where you will know about the buddism art. Turpan as the trade center of the ancient silk road, many historical sites preserved well, becasue of the dry weather. Experience the Uyger folklore and Pamir landscape.
Group departure 2012:
   14th July (4%discount)   15th Spetember, 29th September (5%discount)
Duration: 25Days
We are extending our Silk Road itinerary to include an 4 day Yunnang travel. Discover Yunnan’s wonderful cultural heritage and stunning scenery. You not only can follow the footstep of Marco Polo to explore the world’s greatest land trade route, but also enjoy the colorful minority culture and customers. if you are inerested in the photograph, this is the best route for you which cover the plenty picture landscape.
Group departure date 2012: 6th October
Book 6month in advance you can get 8%discount.


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