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Traveling Silk Road is a journey through history that is very much alive today
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4 days Urumqi, Heavenly Lake and Turpan depth Tour. travel date: 19th August to 22th August. we need more join us. 420usd/pax
23 days Xinjiang Panoramice Tour. 2 pax from Malaysia confirmed and we need more join us. 2700usd/pax
8 days Silk Road Hexi Corridor Tour, desitinations: Lanzhou-Xiahe-Jiayuguan-Dunhuang-Turpan-Urumqi. travel date: 12th Sept to 19th Sept. Price: 1170usd/pax. we need more to join with us
10days Southern Xinjiang Adventure tour. travel date: 12th Sept. Price: 1560usd/pax we need more to join us
9 days North Xinjiang Tour. Destination: Urumqi-Burqin-Kanas-Hemu-Kuytun-Yili Naraty-Bayinbuluk-Kucha. travel date: 26th Sept. Price: 1260usd/pax we need more to join us
Silk Road Tour The silk road was a vast conduit for exchanging goods and information. Stretching thousands of kilometers from Xi'an in China, across the gobi and Taklamakan deserts, through the rich oasis of Turpan and Kashgar. From here the route continued into modern Afghanistan, Iran and Syria on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Today, oasis towns, tranquil lakes, snow capped mountains, Buddhist caves and remnants of ancient cities add culture to this wilderness, maintaining the mystique and romance of the Silk Road We hope more join in the Guaranteed departure tour
Tour Programs
Starting Date
Great Silk Road from Beijing to Samarkand via Kashgar    28 days    6th August    4258usd
Silk Road Hexi Corridor Tour
   10 days

  8th August. 16th Sept

Xinjiang Overland Tour From Kashgar to Bishkek    4 days       Every Friday    486usd
China Silk Road Highlights Tour
   9 days   15th Sept. 29th Sept    1098usd
Xinjiang Tour:Xinjiang, a must place on the ancient SILK ROAD, is world know for its ancient mystery. The ancient civilizations in the west and east have left their traces.The Jiaohe Ruins, Kizil Thousand Budda Caves are all valuable historical heritage. Its unique and splendid in natural landscape, whose vast Gobi desert, impressive glaciers and snow peaks, secluded alpines lakes and broad virgin forest leave you fingering taste.
Tour Programs
Starting Date

Xinjiang Panoramic Tour (2 pax confirmed)

   23 days late August or early Sept    2700usd
Southern Xinjiang Adventure via Taklamagan Desert  Kashgar-Yarkent-Khotan-Kuqa-Korler-Turpan-Urumqi     10 days       12th Sept.    1560usd
 Xinjiang Highlights Tour Urumqi- Turpan- Kashgar    7 days    15th Sept. 1st Sept     720usd
 Best Xinjiang Tour Kanas & Kashgar    13 days       16th Sept    1468usd
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