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Traveling Silk Road is a journey through history that is very much alive today
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11 Days Lop Nur and and Loulan Ancient City Adventure (4WD)
Route: Urumqi--Bayinbluk--Kucha--Korler--Ruoqiang--Lake Center--Loulan Protection Center--Hami--Turpan
Called “ Youze Lake”, “Salt Lake”, and “Puchang Sea “ in ancient times. In Mongolian, “Lop Nor” means “The Lake Convering Many Water Sources”. Lop Nor is located at the eastern of the Tarim Basin in the northeast part of Ruoqiang County. It is a terminal lake of the Tarim River, occupying an area of over 3000sqms, the biggest salt migration lake in our country. Now it is dried-up completely and the lakebed is covered y hard salt crust, and in vicinity of it are marvelous Yardang spectacles. Strategically located on the southern route of the ancient Silk Road, Lop Nor occupied a point must pass through before coming into the Western Regions in Ancient times, so it was provided with important strategic significance. A great lot of historical remains have been found along the banks of the lake up to now. Among them is the well-know Loulan Site, which is situated on the western bank of it.
Day 1 -----Urumqi
Once you arrive at the airport be transferred to the hotel. if time allowed you will visit the Xinjiang Museum, which can help you have a general idea about xinjiang. in the afternoon, visit the International Bazaar and enjoy the Uyger show.
Xinjiang Museum: the museum is the main institution to collect and investigate the unearthed cultural relics and specimens in Xinjiang. There are more than 50 thousand pieces of various kinds of cultural relics stored in the museum, among them, the ancient mummies represented by ‘the Loulan Beauty', manuscripts in Chinese, Kharosthi, Qiuci, Yanji, Tibetan, Uigurian and other characters prevailed in ancient Westen Regions, the silk ,wool, cotton and hemp fabrics and folk rainment, etc., are unusual tidbits in the world.
Day 2 Urumqi -- Bayinbluk (200kms, 7-8hrs)
After breakfast drive to No.1 Tianshan Glacier to Bayinbluk visit the splendid Tianshan view en route, With favorable environment, the lake is an ideal habitat of swans and other migratory birds. Making here so beautiful that people lovingly call it “Swan Lake”. It’s the paradise for photographer. BayinbulukSwan Lake Natural Reserve lies in Bayinbuluk grassland,taking up 1,000 square kilometers. In 1986 it was listed by the State as the national nature reserve.It is a paradise of flocks of swan. The swans are like white sails wandering on the lake,carefree and contenting themselves.Therefore it is offered the name Swan Lake.
Day 3 Bayinbuluk - Kucha(220kms, 6hrs)
In the morning we will do some shopping for our trekking. and then head to Hemu Village where we will stop 3days and leave on day.Hemu Village: It is one of the three residences of the Tuva Mongol in China. The Tuva Mongol is believed to be the offspring of the troops of Genghis Khan when he crusaded west. The Tuva Mongol of Hemu Village lives in frame houses half-buried in the ground to resist the chillness of winter. They believe in Buddhism and have well preserved the traditional beliefs of their tribe. Religious and traditional festivals are always jolly and busy, while the landscape tempts every visitor come back to experience the wildness of natureafter lunch enjoy the beautiful view around the lake
Day 4 Kucha -- Korler ( 300kms, 3-4hrs)
After breakfast drive to Korler and visit the longest inland river in China, the river flows through the northern part of the Tarim Basin and pours itself in to the Lop Desert at last. While visit the Natural desert poplar forest? which are well preserved inside the drainage area, new bases of grain and cotton production have been rising on both banks of the river
Day 11 Korler--Ruoqiang(480kms, 7--8hrs)
After breakfast drive to Ruoqiang and visiting the Lop nor pepoles’ village which is far away from the modern society. You will have the panoramic desert view.
Day 12 Ruoqiang--Lake Center
After break visit the Miran Ruins, located on the Gobi near the old Miran river, covers area of 12sqs. The fort of the Tang Dynasty is the largest construction in the site, which is irregularly square, with rammed walls 308ms in circumference. There
Day 13 Karamay--Urumqi (320kms, 4hrs)
In the early morning we will take the photo of the sunrise view of Ghost City and then back to Urumqi
Day 14 Urumqi--Tianshan
After breakfast drive about 50kms to the depth of the Tianshan mountain and enjoy the beautiful view there, and if you want, we can arrange the Skiing which is a very different experience
Day 15 Urumqi--Your Destination
After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport and take the flight back to your destination.
Price inclusion:
4star hotel in the city and local family in the mountain.
4WD with experienced driver who is also one of the member of China Photography Organization.
Meals through out the Itinerary.
Horse-drawn sleigh in Hemu or Kanas.
Entrance fee listed in the itinerary.
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