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Idkah Mosque/Idigar Mosque

     Every day, 2-3 thousands of worshippers come here to pray, and 6-7 thousands on Friday afternoons. On festivals the numbers can surge to 20,000-30,000. On the Corban at prayer time, the mosque, the square, the streets, and the roads all around are full of piously kneeling Muslims. The numbers soar to 100,000 worshippers at the highest time. It is in Kanshgar that the spectacle can be expected.
     Afterwards, all the people get together in the square, and the young men in their holiday-celebrating suits, to show their happiness, dance the Sama Dance with great enthusiasm to the cheerful drumbeats and music, showing no signs of exhaustion.
     Ermin Tower is a column-shaped body with a standing pole as long as the tower in the hollow of it, which supports the spiral 72-step leading to the top, where is a dome-shaped observation chamber with windows in all four sides. Ascending to top and looking around, Turpan area will be in the sight of the climber. In 1957, it was listed as the key cultural relics under the protection of the Autonomous Region and now it is a national level protection site. The Ermin Tower has been restored in recent years and added a new square and the statue. 
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