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China Train Tickets to Be on Sale 60 days Prior to Departure

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Since the coming December 1st, pre-sale time of China train tickets will be gradually extended to 60 days prior to departure from previous 20 days prior. On December 1st, the pre-sale time will be firstly extended to 30 days ahead of departure. From December 2nd to 6th, it will be always 6 days longer than the previous days; for instance, it is 36 days ahead on December 2nd, 42 days ahead on December 3rd... From December 6th on, the pre-sale period will be extended to 60 days ahead. Please note that this applies to online and phone booking; the pre-sale time at railway stations and ticket outlets will still be 2 days shorter. By the way, tickets for China Spring Festival will be available 60 days prior to departure since December 7th; Passengers are advised to make a booking as early as possible if traveling during that period.
     New China Train Ticket Change and Refund Policies to Be Carried Out
When refunding a ticket, no service fee will be charged if it is handled over 15 days prior to departure. Service fee for refunding during other periods keeps the same as before, which is 5% of the original ticket fare if the refund is made 48 hours to 15 days prior to departure, 10% if 24 - 48 hours prior, and 20% if less than 24 hours prior. Please note that the fee will be 20% if refunding a changed ticket whose departure date is within 2015 China Spring Festival Travel Rush (February 4, 2015 to March 15, 2015).

When changing a ticket over 48 hours ahead of departure, it can be changed to any valid one during the pre-sale period, either earlier or later than the original departure time. When made less than 48 hours ahead, it can be changed to one departing as late as 24:00 on the original departure date. When made after the train leaves, it can be changed to a valid one of the same departure date at the departure railway station.

The new policies will be adopted since the coming December 3rd.

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